Amy Shanks



Produce two creative posters based around the theme of dawn.

Use this brief to explore possibilities and push boundaries of what you have achieved up to this point. Concepts do not have to be literal  and the theme of dawn can be looked at from any angle as long as you are able to articulate the reasoning behind your concepts. The posters should be sufficiently complex, and include advanced and intreating techniques.


Dawn Project

What I do at Dawn

What I want to do at Dawn


Research and Development


Artist Statement

For my two creative posters I decided to make my concept personal by showing what I’m doing at dawn compared to what I want to do at dawn. Most mornings I have to get up early for the train and I don’t get to see dawn until well into my commute but what I would much rather be doing is to be at home in my cosy bed still sleeping with cat at my feet. 

In order to link the two posters together I repeated certain things; for example, I used the same angle of the bed as the train’s seats, I used the same font in each poster and I used the same dawn illustration for both windows to show that they were taking place at the same time. In order to show the contrast of the two scenarios I put in some subject matter in each poster but with a slight difference for example I used two different coffee mugs, a travel mug that’s plain and boring much like the commute and a pretty china mug (my favourite mug) which to me connotates relaxation and happiness like being able to sleep in. I also used two different self-portraits one being more detailed and more serious/realistic (commute) and the other being more laid back and slightly more cartoony (sleep). I also used a train ticket in each poster one next to me on the train ready for inspection and the other ripped in half next to my bed, this is to show my frustration that I often have with the train line.

For my commuting poster I used a lot of dark colours to convey some sadness whereas the sleep poster uses a lot of bright pastel colours to convey happiness and peacefulness, I also put in a couple of things that makes me happy and to show why I’d much rather be in bed, like my plants, my books, my pillows and most importantly my cat.

I wanted to make my typography a part of the environment by having the text lying on the floor or crawling around walls, this was inspired by the illustrator JeremyVille who’s posters often featured a similar type of typography. I also didn’t want to create a detailed illustration for my posters so I went for a more cartoon like representation in order to show my personality more. I did this by using a graphics tablet to hand draw my illustrations to create a scribbled effect.  

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